7+ Best Speed Reading Course You Should Take In 2024 (Free & Paid)

If you feel left behind or slow with reading, then  you should try out some of the best speed reading courses to gradually pace up.

Research shows that many(not all) online and in-person  speed reading courses have helped users read quickly and efficiently.

In this article, I will review some of the best speed reading courses in the market. I have personally taken these courses before sharing it with you. So my honest opinion on them will help you choose the right speed reading course for you.

So being a student, or a professional, by the end of this article you will learn about the worthy speed reading courses that can help you read faster.

Let’s quickly get into the best speed reading courses that you must enroll.

7 Best Speed Reading Courses- In A Nutshell

Before we delve into the details, here is a quick overview of the best speed reading courses.

Course nameInstructorPlatformDurationPricing
Super ReadingJim KwikMindvalley4 hours (21-day program)$79/month or $399/year
Speed Reading MasteryJordan HarryUdemy3 hours$11.99
Speed Reading MachineTimothy FerrissThe Tim Ferriss Show1 hourFree
Become A SuperLearnerJakob MantheiSkillshare1 hourFree
The Ultimate Speed Reading TrainingNoah MerribyUdemy9 hours 48 minutes$14.99
Become A Reading MachineBrandon HakimUdemy4 hours$18.99
Speed Reading SimplifiedRichard WaltonUdemy47 minutes$14.99

Top Speed Reading Course- In Detail

Below I have listed some of the elite speed reading courses which I personally found effective.

1. Super Reading

Platform Mindvalley
Instructor Jim Kwik
Duration4 hours (21-day program)
Pricing Mindvalley Monthly access – $79/- and Membership program – $399/- per year

Let me begin with The Super Reading Course on Mindvalley, that can give you an immersive and transformative experience. 

Through a series of video lessons, interactive exercises, and practical assignments, the course introduced me to a range off-speed reading strategies. Thus it helped me accelerate the reading pace without sacrificing comprehension.

Speed reading techniques like skimming, meta-guiding, chunking, providing step-by-step instructions and practice opportunities are to be noted.

Super Reading by Mindvalley

I took the Super Reading course a few months ago, and  it helped me to significantly increase my reading speed and comprehension.  It gave me a lot of valuable insights about how the brain works and how we process information.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your reading skills, I highly recommend the Super Reading course. It’s a comprehensive and effective course that can help you read faster, more effectively, and with greater comprehension.

2. Speed Reading Mastery

Platform Udemy
Instructor Jordan Harry
Duration3 hours 
Pricing $11.99

Led by Thomas Frank, this course aims at enhancing your reading speed, improving comprehension, and optimizing your overall reading experience.

Throughout the course, I was introduced to several proven strategies for accelerating reading speed. It also provided various techniques that are thoroughly explained and supported with the practical examples.

Speed Reading Mastery by Udemy

Moreover, the course included exercises aimed at improving comprehension skills, such as active reading and critical thinking strategies.

Overall, I think the Speed Reading Mastery course is a great option for people who want to improve their reading skills. 

3. Speed Reading Machine

Platform The Tim Ferriss Show
Instructor Timothy Ferriss
Duration1 hour

This course offers a comprehensive and transformative learning experience for individuals looking to master the art of speed reading. 

It stands out for its unique approach, practical techniques, and the wealth of knowledge shared by renowned experts. 

Speed Reading Machine

You will be guided on how to actively engage with the text, extract key information, and make meaningful connections between ideas.

Guidance will be provided by instructor through Pomodoro Technique, The SQ3R Method that toimprove your understanding of text.

This course can be a valuable investment if you want a transformative journey towards becoming a speed reading machine.

4. Become A SuperLearner

Platform Skillshare
Instructor Jakob Manthei
Duration1 hour
Pricing Free

My 5th recommendation is ‘Become A SuperLearner’ course on Skillshare. The course brings to light importance of mindset and motivation, fostering a positive and growth-oriented approach to learning.

The course begins with the exploring of various memory techniques. You will be introduced to the mnemonic devices, memory palaces, and other memory-enhancing strategies. These techniques will empower you to improve your memory recall, allowing for efficient retention and retrieval of information. 

Become A SuperLearner by skillshare

If you are looking to read faster with comprehension and try out more practical strategies and spee dreading techniques, this course is for you. 

5. The Ultimate Speed Reading Training

Platform Udemy
Instructor Noah Merriby
Duration9 hours 48 minutes
Pricing $14.99

This course begins by laying a solid foundation in fundamental reading skills, including concentration, focus, and reducing subvocalization.

Throughout the course, you will be introduced to the various proven speed reading strategies and techniques.

Instructor Noah will guide you on how to  develop active reading skills, extract important information and make meaningful connections between ideas.

The Ultimate Speed Reading Training by udemy

This course also includes various memory-enhancement techniques and note-taking strategies to enhance long-term information retention. 

All in all, this course will equip you with the tools to read faster, retain information efficiently and navigate through vast amounts of written content with ease.

6. Become A Reading Machine

Platform Udemy
Instructor Brandon Hakim
Duration4 hours
Pricing $18.99


This course on MasterClass is a comprehensive guide on how to train your brain to learn and read with speed.

Instructor Brandon starts with the science of speed learning and how it applies to your own learning process. It teaches you to eliminate distractions and focus on your learning.

Moreover, you wil go through the techniques like how to chunk the information and how to create mental models to help you remember and understand the information.

Become A Reading Machine by Udemy- Speed Reading Course

Other than these techniques, this course talks about the tips on how to apply those. By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the importance of focus and concentration and how to apply accelerated learning to your life.

7. Speed Reading Simplified

Platform Udemy
Instructor Richard Walton
Duration47 minutes
Pricing $14.99


Speed Reading Simplified is  the next course to improve and enhance your reading speed.

This course provides valuable insights, practical techniques, and actionable strategies to help learners unlock the power of rapid reading.

Instructor Richard Walton aims on th importance of maintaining a balance between speed and comprehension. This will guide you on how to read efficiently without sacrificing understanding.

Speed Reading Simplified by udemy- Speed Reading Course

The Speed Reading Simplified also covers effective note-taking and information organization strategies. 

If you ask me, this course can be a great investment for you. It will help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become more effective, efficient and a confident reader.

How to Choose a Right Speed Reading Course?

When it comes to choosing the right speed reading course, there are several factors for you to consider. Here are some key considerations to help you with the best speed reading:

Course Content and Curriculum: You must review the course syllabus and curriculum to understand what topics and techniques will be covered. 

Check out the courses that offer a comprehensive approach, including strategies for increasing reading speed, improving comprehension, and enhancing retention.

Instructor Expertise: Research the background and expertise of the course instructor. Look for instructors who have experience in speed reading, education, or related fields. Their credibility and knowledge will greatly impact the quality of the course.

Reviews and Testimonials: Read reviews and testimonials from previous course participants. Look for feedback on the effectiveness of the techniques taught, the instructor’s teaching style, and the overall learning experience. Genuine reviews can provide valuable insights into the course’s quality.

Interactive Elements: Determine if the course offers interactive elements such as exercises, drills, or practice sessions. These interactive components are essential for applying and reinforcing the speed reading techniques learned, ensuring you can effectively implement them in your reading practice.

Price and Value: Evaluate the course price in relation to the value it offers. While cost is a factor, it should not be the sole determining factor. Focus on finding a course that provides a good balance of affordability and quality content.

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Final Verdict: Speed Reading Course

Well,  there are several ways to learn and improve your speed reading abilities.

Because of its extensive range of approaches, excellent manufacturing standards, and expert level education, I believe that Mindvalley’s Super Reading is  a worthy one.

In particular, whether you’re searching for something more career-focused or just to read more books, Udemy and SkillShare provide a number of possibilities. 

So maybe reading this post has given you a clearer idea of which speed reading class would be the best for you.

But keep in mind that online courses only succeed when you study hard! Stay attentive and have fun reading, then!

FAQs: Speed Reading Course

What is speed reading?

Speed reading is a set of techniques and strategies aimed at increasing reading speed while maintaining comprehension and retention of information. 

How long does it take to become a proficient speed reader?

The time it takes to become a skilled speed reader depends on factors such as your current reading ability, practice time, and the techniques you learn.

Are speed reading courses suitable for all age groups?

Yes, speed reading courses can benefit individuals of all age groups. Whether you’re a student, professional, or lifelong learner, speed reading skills can enhance your ability to absorb and process information more efficiently.

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