Superbrain Review 2024: Is it Worth The Hype (My Experience)

Everyone wants their brains to function at a greater capacity and learn things quickly in this competitive environment.

What if a course on Mindvalley claims it can do that for you without any drug? 

That’s what Superbrain by Jim Kwik is all about.

Jim talks about how we are taught basic subjects in school, but no one teaches us how to think and use our brains to their best capacity. That’s the gap he focuses on filling in this 4-week course. That has also made this one of the most famous courses on the platform.

But how legit are his claims, and are these testimonies even legit? Let’s get to the core of this Superbrain review and understand whether Superbrain is worth it for you or if it’s all a sham.

Mindvalley Superbrain Review: In a Nutshell 

Here is a quick overview of Mindvalley Superbrain. 

Course Duration30 Days + Bonus Material
InstructorsJim Kwik
FocusHow to learn faster
Pricing$41.60/month (Yearly Discounted Price)
Mobile appGoogle Play Store, Apple Store
Our Review4.7/5

The Mindvalley Superbrain: A Quick Overview

If you want a way to magically enhance your cognitive abilities and optimize brain performance for success, then Jim Kwik has got you covered. 

The program provides a wide range of techniques and strategies to improve memory, learning capacity, and overall brain function. You will learn speed reading, memory enhancement, focus improvement, and accelerated learning techniques during these 30 days.

The course has practical exercises and tools that you can implement in your daily life to boost brain power. 

Mindvalley Superbrain Review

This is an excellent program for students or anyone trying to build a new skill at any age and of whichever background.

Jim also focuses on proper nutrition, quality sleep, stress management, and physical exercise to maximize your mental potential.

This 4-week period is followed by a bonus week if you join the program. Jim integrates these lessons in the following manner:

Day-by-Day Schedule

Week 1: 

Day 1Boost Your Memory with the M.O.M Technique
Day 2The Sun Is Up
Day 3Keys To Unlocking Your Superbrain
Day 4Using Spaced Repetition to Improve Your Learning
Day 5The Importance of Nutrition & Your Body Folders
Day 6Killing Your Negative Self-Talk with A.N.T.S
Day 7Sleep & Stress Management for A Superior Brain

Week 2: 

Day 8Implementation Day – Morning Routine & Q&A
Day 9Chain Linking – Part 1
Day 10Chain Linking – Part 2
Day 11The Peg Memory Method
Day 12Implementation Day – Juggling Exercise
Day 13How to Remember Names with the SUAVE Method
Day 14Memory Is As Easy As PIE

Week 3: 

Day 15The FDR Technique
Day 16Superbrain Yoga
Day 17The Ultimate TIP To Remembering Anything
Day 18The Keyword Substitution Method
Day 19Learning Foreign Languages Faster
Day 20Practice Counting To 10 In a Foreign Language
Day 21How to Give A Speech Without Notes

Week 4: 

Day 22The Location Method
Day 23How to Memorize Word For Word
Day 24Implementation Day – Crossovers
Day 25How to Memorize Numbers
Day 26The Ancient Alphanumeric Code Of Memory – The Sounds
Day 27The Ancient Alphanumeric Code Of Memory – Application
Day 28Implementation Day – Phonetic Number Code

Week 5: 

Day 29The 5 Levels Of Transformation
Day 30The 5 Levels Of Learning
Bonus 1Overcoming Procrastination
Bonus 2Your 8 C’s To Muscle Memory
Bonus 3Remembering Your Dreams
Bonus 4Speed Reading

What’s in the bonus?

The 4 bonuses that are available if you join the course today include the following;

  • Overcoming Procrastination: Jim teaches five quick 5 easy steps in this bonus where you will learn how to eliminate this word from your life.
  • Your 8Cs to Muscle Memory: You can become impulsive with your habits by incorporating the techniques to use muscle memory.
  • Remembering your Dreams: Jim provides 6 steps through which you can remember your dreams and understand what your subconscious is trying to signal to you.
  • Speed Reading: You can increase your reading speed by 25-50 percent because of this segment.

Verdict: Superbrain is characterized into easy-to-understand segments of 15-20 minutes. The course gives a great insight into what those 4 weeks would look like to you.

The bonuses make the already attractive course even more irresistible.

Jim Kwik – Learn About Your Instructor

Jim Kwik is not only a renowned expert in accelerated learning, speed reading, accelerated memory, and brain performance but is also a highly sought-coach by brands like Nike, SpaceX, Virgin, Fox Studios, and many others.

Mindvalley Superbrain Review

His insights have intrigued personalities like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Michelle Obama. 

A personal injury in his childhood left him with a learning challenge. This greatly motivated him to develop techniques that he could use to alleviate those symptoms.

Those techniques are what make Superbrain what it is today. They have helped millions of people from around the world fight notions related to IQ and other factors that determine the brain’s intelligence.

Verdict: Jim Kwik is a highly motivated persona, and his willingness to help has been evident. He is naturally empathetic with his approach throughout because he knows what it is like to have a limiting belief system. 

His well-researched insights and experimentation make this a goldmine for anyone who wants to be better and develop a “superbrain.”

What to Expect From Mindvalley Superbrain?

Let’s understand what you should expect from this program and what this course promises to deliver.

  • Building Fundamentals: You will learn how you can improve your learning speed and understand the basics of short-term and long-term memory. 
  • Lifestyle: You will learn how your lifestyle choices influence your memory and learning capacities. 
  • Remembering Long Lists: If it feels impossible for you to remember long lists, then Jim has come up with ‘Chain Linking’ that can boost your pattern of looking at the lists.
  • Remembering Names: You will be able to remember names after hearing them just once and can save yourself from embarrassment. 
  • Vocabulary and Languages: Jim introduces unique ways through which you can improve your vocabulary without spending an enormous amount of time with dictionaries. He also makes learning languages easier, no matter your age.
  • Memorizing Speeches and Texts: If you fumble up your speech before big events or have trouble memorizing long speeches, then Jim can help you become a pro at that.
  • Numbers: It’s easy to be overwhelmed by numbers, and Jim focuses on how you can remember the ‘sounds of memory’ while playing with them in your memory game.
  • Lifestyle Integration: Jim wants to ensure that the things you learn here stay with you for your entire life. So his final efforts are directed towards accumulating these lessons in your everyday lifestyle.

The Free Masterclass:

If you want to understand the validity of Superbrain before subscribing to the course from Jim himself, then you can also take the free limited-time period masterclass from him.

Superbrain Reserve my spot

It is available on the website, and you can reserve your spot by filling in your details.

Verdict: Jim has given clear pointers on what you can expect in this course. This makes it easier for people to decide whether they need help in these sectors or not.

Superbrain Review: How Much Does Mindvalley Superbrain Cost?

You need a Mindvalley membership to avail of the Superbrain course.

Mindvalley Pricing

Mindvalley has got several subscription options for you that can help you choose the option that is the most convenient for you.

  • Mindvalley Monthly Membership

You can choose a monthly membership if you solely want to take the Mindvalley Superbrain course or do not want to invest in this on a long-term basis.

The monthly membership is available at a discounted rate of $99/month.

  • Mindvalley Yearly Membership

A yearly Mindvalley membership can help you take time with different courses and experiment with the platform the way you deem fit. You also get the coveted 60 percent discount with a yearly membership.

Yearly membership is available at $41.60/month

Verdict: A yearly membership can be a terrific option for you if you want a budget-friendly plan. You not only get value from the Superbrain course, but you can also enjoy several other courses on the platform.

Pros and Cons of Mindvalley Superbrain

Let’s briefly look at the Superbrain course’s pros and cons


  • Efficient Pattern of the Course
  • Clear Structure
  • Jim’s Authoritative and Relatable Insights
  • Effective in providing results
  • Can enjoy this with a Mindvalley Membership
  • 15-day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Sustainable and Lifelong Impact


  • Lack of one-on-one interaction
  • May Seem a Bit Costly

How Did Superbrain Help Me? (My 30-Day Experience)

I wanted to improve my learning abilities with the Superbrain course in terms of vocabulary, speed reading, and retention.

I was trying to build a habit of learning new words every day. 

Jim gave several insights into how I could do that. His practical insights and focus techniques have changed the way I approached it initially. He took time with the fundamentals but then moved on pretty quickly with how I could stick to the habit.

I have maintained a diary throughout these 30 days so that I can remember them in the coming months and years.

I don’t think I even need that diary anymore because my habits have become genuinely intrinsic. His mindfulness techniques have been miraculous. It also helped me to read quickly and remember names. So that’s a plus!

How to Decide if This Course Is For You?

What is it that you really need help with?

Do you need help with learning a new language or, in general, have a terrible memory? Or are you a student who needs to sharpen his memory for an exam?

This course is practical no matter what your age and background are because the instructor, Jim Kwik, has kept that in mind throughout the course. His approach has been highly personalized and effective.

There is no reason not to invest in this course if you feel you want to improve your brain functioning. This course, along with several mindfulness and lifestyle tips, can truly transform how you look at learning anything new.

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Final Thoughts – Is Superbrain Worth it?

Superbrain is neither a sham nor a product of hyper-advertisement.

The course has a reliable and trustworthy system that has benefited millions of people around the globe.

My personal experience and research make it clear to me that Superbrain is one of the best courses on the Mindvalley platform. If you have any doubts, you can also choose to join the free masterclass on the website.

Superbrain is highly effective in unlocking your superhuman capabilities.

FAQ- Superbrain Review

How do I subscribe to Superbrain?

You can subscribe to Superbrain by accessing the Mindvalley Membership. You can choose a monthly or a yearly membership, based on your preference.

Who is the instructor of Superbrain?

Jim Kwik is the instructor of Superbrain.

Can I subscribe to Superbrain individually without a Mindvalley membership?

No. You need a Mindvalley membership to access the Superbrain course.

How long is the Superbrain course?

It is a 30-day course with 4 additional bonuses.

Can Superbrain help me improve my memory?

Yes. Jim gives various techniques that you can use to improve your memory.

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