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Welcome to Goleman EI!

GolemanEI is a trusted source that provides comprehensive and current information on mental health topics to support your well-being. Our goal is to equip you with evidence-based and compassionate information to help you prioritize your mental health and achieve balance in your daily life. We aim to empower you with reliable and trustworthy information so that you can make informed decisions about your mental and emotional health.


Bring clarity to priorities, strategies and find opportunities within personal and professional by working on Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health to bring exceptional results in your life.


We strive to enable our clients to have clear direction, focus and achieve success in all the areas of their life.

Our Team

Daniel Lippetry
Daniel Lippetry
Founder / Writer

Dr. Daniel Lippetry is a psychologist with a Ph.D. who has dedicated his career to researching emotional intelligence. He is an expert in the field and has studied emotional intelligence for over a decade.

Sharon Andrews
Sharon Andrews​
Writer / Editor

Sharon Andrews is a dedicated professional who has made it her life’s mission to promote emotional intelligence as a crucial life skill. Her expertise and passion have made her a valuable in the field of psychology.

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