Since 1995, when Daniel Goleman’s groundbreaking book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ became an international bestseller, Emotional Intelligence has become ubiquitous. The Harvard Business Review called Emotional Intelligence—which discounts IQ as the sole measure of one’s abilities—“a revolutionary, paradigm-shattering idea” and chose his article “What Makes a Leader” as one of ten “must-read” articles from its archives. What’s more, Emotional Intelligence was named one of the 25 “Most Influential Business Management Books” by TIME Magazine. Both businesses and educators have benefited from EI: educators have embraced EI in the form of social and emotional learning (SEL) and leadership and employee development have flourished in the business world because of it.

“By teaching people to tune in to their emotions with intelligence and to expand their circles of caring, we can transform organizations from the inside out and make a positive difference in our world”

— Daniel Goleman

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

Improve Decision Making

Resolve Conflict

Reduce Employee Turnover

Enhance Focus

Develop Mentoring Skills

Increase Productivity

Boost Well-being

Foster Teamwork

Nourish Business Networks

Online Emotional Intelligence Courses

We Offer Practical, Self-Paced Courses Designed For Meaningful Habit Change

Develop your Emotional Intelligence with EI experts and global peers. Our courses bridge the gap between intellectual learning and the application of EI. Practical, hands-on exercises give you the EI toolkit to show up at your best in all areas of your life.

You can complete our courses from anywhere in the world; we welcome everyone interested in truly developing their Emotional Intelligence. Once you’ve completed the Building EI and Leading with EI courses, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement that you can use to differentiate yourself in your current and future roles while deepening your personal relationships.

We also work with organizations to develop specialized online EI programs featuring facilitated group courses and live meetings.


Our Emotional Intelligence Courses

Building Emotional Intelligence Leading with Emotional Intelligence* Two-Course Bundle
Course Length 6 weeks 6 weeks 12 weeks
What You Will Gain Gain practical knowledge and apply Emotional Intelligence skills which are prerequisites to respond skillfully to your own and others' emotions. Increase your threshold for complexity and be more flexible in the face of uncertainty. Operationalize Emotional Intelligence to increase your tolerance for ambiguity and respond more effectively when you encounter setbacks or challenges. Discover how to enrich your relationships with safety and trust. You'll have an opportunity to experiment with new ways of interacting that bring out the best in yourself and others. Learn how to positively influence others while navigating challenging group dynamics. Strengthen teamwork and collaboration through science-based practices. Become a leader who inspires innovation and engagement. Earn an online, verifiable Emotional Intelligence Training Achievement Badge by completing both the Building Emotional Intelligence and Leading with Emotional Intelligence courses.
Core Competencies Covered
  1. Self-awareness
  2. Focus
  3. Emotional balance
  4. Empathy
  5. Adaptability
  6. Positive Outlook
  1. Organizational Awareness
  2. Influence
  3. Coach and Mentor
  4. Teamwork
  5. Conflict Management
  6. Inspirational Leadership
All 12 Competencies
Pricing $490 $405 $845

* Building Emotional Intelligence is a prerequisite for the Leading with Emotional Intelligence course. Once both courses are completed, you are eligible for an online, verifiable Emotional Intelligence Training achievement badge. These courses were previously titled Foundational Skills of EI and Relationship Skills of EI.




Get Coached

Get Personalized Support From A Goleman EI Coach

The Goleman Emotional Intelligence coaching program is a guided journal-based learning experience. Your dedicated EI coach will work with you to develop EI habits, deepen your personal and professional relationships, and unlock your potential.

Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (EICC) Program

Important Update

Our Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification Program is currently being adjusted in response to the aftermath of the pandemic and ongoing travel restrictions.

We remain hopeful we will soon be able to relaunch the program to those interested in receiving their EI Coaching designation. We're very excited to report our program has officially received ACSTH accreditation by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

If you are interested in being kept apprised of when we open up EICC Cohort 4 for application, please click here to receive updates along with any related program notifications.


Take The Next Step To Become An EI Certified Coach And Help Your Clients Find Their Path

Get Started Today When You Apply to Goleman EI’s Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification Program.


The Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (EICC) is an intensive program, on par with graduate and professional-level studies, that provides participants access to the only coaching certification and suite of EI offerings that Dr. Goleman has released. Over the years, many programs have drawn upon Dr. Goleman’s work, but this is the only program he is formally affiliated with and which operates with his direct involvement.

The EICC incorporates the following in-person and virtual learning components, providing students and their clients with a unique and evidence-based framework for EI development:

  • Eight days of in-person training and nine months of coach-supervised coursework, including a practicum.
  • Evidence-based content created by leading experts in the fields of EI, Neuroscience, Leadership Development, and Coaching.
  • A Meta-Coach (an expert coach) for guidance and support.
  • Validated assessments and real-time feedback on progress.
  • A comprehensive EI toolkit adaptable for individual clients and large organizations.
  • An active community of peers and experienced coaches to consult with and foster mutual growth.

For more information about the methodology behind The Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification, and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), click here.

Our Commitment

Research has shown that EI can positively shape our relationships and our outcomes—at work and in life—yet developing the suite of EI competencies in a lasting and effective way can be a challenge without the support and guidance of a qualified coach.

Drawing upon evidence-based techniques, real-time feedback, and an applied coaching model, our aim is simple: to give coaches a framework to help their clients build Emotional Intelligence. We strive towards a transformative growth experience that brings beneficial impact not only to the clients you serve, but their entire circle of influence, the organizations in which they play a role, and society at large.

Ignite New Career Opportunities

All of Goleman EI's in-house coaches are trained and certified through our EICC program. After graduating from the program, participants have the following options:

  • Work as a Goleman EI Associate and/or Goleman EI Coach.
  • Participate in continued education opportunities.
  • Ongoing access to our coaching tools.

Goleman EI Faculty

The Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (EICC) program is designed using Goleman EI’s world-renowned research and is delivered by exceptional EI faculty with theoretical and practical experience. All faculty are committed to program participant learning outcomes by delivering hands-on coaching expertise and support.

Goleman EI expert staff are joined by the following distinguished visiting faculty: Jane Dolan | Hsuan-Hsiu Hung | Peter James | Sarah Kivel | Michelle Maldonado | Matthew Taylor


Bring EI Training To Your Organization

Goleman EI Offers Enterprise Solutions For Your Business

Partner with Us to Offer EI Training to Improve Employee Performance, Leadership Effectiveness, and Customer Satisfaction.

Hire, Train and Promote for EI

Amid major shifts in the global workplace, organizations that survive and thrive must keep up with the pace of change. Stress, employee disengagement, and turnover cost organizations hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Consumers increasingly support businesses that share their values and boycott those that don’t. The same goes for employees. To attract, hire, and retain talent, organizations need to think about themselves differently. In addition to a core focus on the bottom line, creating a culture of purpose and engagement is now a top priority.

This mindset shift necessitates new tools and strategies, intended to address some of the critical problems facing organizations today:

  • 80% of employees with poor manager relationships are disengaged.
  • 50% of former employees left to get away from their manager.
  • 18% of US employees live with anxiety disorders.
  • Millennials believe employers are lacking in developing skills including EI.
  • EI, Leadership, and Social Influence are among the top 10 skills for the future workplace.

Emotional Intelligence holds the key.

Decades worth of research shows a relationship between EI and many of the most critical aspects of organizational performance. By improving the effectiveness of workplace relationships at all levels, these include leader success, global competitiveness, and diversity.

Education, experience, and IQ are core requirements for the top 20% of professionals. EI is what enables the very best in this already high-performing group to stand out.

When you partner with Goleman EI, our team takes a comprehensive look at your organization to assess the current climate of Emotional Intelligence (EI). This diagnostic process results in a customized approach, providing solutions that account for your organization’s unique goals, size, budget, and pain points.

Our Enterprise Services Include

  • In-person EI training
  • Leader-level EI Coaching Certification programs
  • One-on-one and group EI coaching engagements
  • GEI Faculty Facilitated online EI training
  • App-based EI learning
  • EI Certification For Organizations

Our Results

Leaders who invest in Emotional Intelligence training for themselves and their organizations develop the following critical skills that drive business results:

  • Engaging and inspiring leadership
  • Growth mindset
  • Stress management
  • Agility
  • Effective relationships

About Us

We believe Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for a better world. Our clients agree.

We bring EI to life by transforming theory into meaningful action. Grounded in the evidence-based framework of EI, The Emotional Intelligence Leadership Competency Model developed by Daniel Goleman draws upon the best of what we know about the brain and habit change.

Goleman EI (GEI) has supported initiatives as diverse as the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, the DQ Institute, in association with the World Economic Forum, and the daily life of schools, hospitals, and businesses across the world. We believe that everyone is a leader; we all impact others through our relationships.

Our programs are dynamic, experiential, and accessible to those leading busy lives. We innovate to meet client needs and scale EI for new audiences as the beneficial, “revolutionary, paradigm-shattering idea” that it is.

Our Leaders

Michele Nevarez
CEO & Chief Education Officer

Founder and creator of the Goleman EI suite of Coaching and Training programs, Michele’s vision is to democratize EI as a means of igniting personal and global agency. This driving force for Michele is at the core of how our programs translate EI from theory to a powerful and practical vehicle for meaningful transformation and lasting habit change.

Michele brings 25+ years of executive leadership experience working for industry leaders in healthcare, investment management, management consulting, and manufacturing. A founding member of Rangjung Yeshe Institute based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Michele has practiced mindfulness-based training for 27+ years.

Michele received a B.A. in Religion from Bryn Mawr College and a Master of Science degree in Positive Organizational Development and Change from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Daniel Goleman


Sharon Fried

Chief Operating Officer

Gerard François

Chief Revenue Officer

Our Team

Belinda Chiu

EICC Faculty & Meta-Coach

Sarah Kivel

EICC Faculty & Director of Client Strategies

Fernando Restoy

Educational Programs Manager

Steven Omondi

Fullstack Developer

Daniel Woldegiogis

Fullstack Developer

Carole Edwards

Project Manager

Anthony Boschi

Writing and Creative Specialist

What We Offer

Goleman EI translates theory into accessible and transformative practices linked to habit change. Our programs offer scalable and experiential learning, empowering individuals and organizations to bring about the positive change they want to see in the world.

Join our global community to bring EI training to your team or organization as a force for good.

Our Approach

Our programs utilize a framework of 4 Domains and 12 Emotional Intelligence Leadership Competencies to bring about meaningful shifts in behavior. To optimize the learning journey and help you create positive habit change, we incorporate three key components:

  • Learn: Practical explanations and examples of EI in the form of a short article or video.
  • Practice: An immediate application of what you just learned.
  • Reflect & Journal: Daily reflection on the results of your practice, with the option to share your insights with your learning group and/or your coach.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) differentiates top performers beyond IQ and technical abilities. The Harvard Business Review calls it “a key leadership skill,” and the World Economic Forum named Emotional Intelligence as a core work-related skill, which is predicted to “be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills.” EI enables us to understand and navigate our own emotions as well as our relationships. This skill set is vital throughout our lives—whether we’re leading a team, raising a family, or simply want to make a positive impact in the world.

Ready to Transform Your Life, Career or Business?

We Provide Customized Tools and Learning Programs for a Full Range of Clients. Learn More About Out Our One-on-One EI Coaching, Online Courses, and Certification Programs.