6 Phase Meditation Review 2024 (My Honest Experience)

For those seeking to establish a consistent daily meditation practice, Mindvalley’s 6-Phase Meditation offers a comprehensive approach to mastering meditation for life. 

This in-depth review provides an insider’s look at the structure, features, instructors, and value of the 6-phase program. 

From concentration-building to self-inquiry, each progressive phase builds critical skills to go from meditation novice to master. 

Read on for a firsthand perspective on what’s included, how the phases work, program logistics, and whether it delivers on its promise of creating lifelong meditation habits.


I would definitely recommend the 6-Phase Meditation to anyone who is looking for a simple and effective meditation practice. It’s a great way to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and improve your overall well-being.

Program Quality4.8/5
Ease of Use4.9/5
Study Material4.6/5

6 Phase Meditation: Overview

6 Phase Meditation is a guided meditation practice that takes you through six essential phases. It helps you address and organize some of the most pressing issues in your life. 

The meditation is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their religious or cultural background, and is narrated by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley. 

6 Phase Meditation by Vishen

The 6-Phase Meditation is a scientific protocol that can help you speed-up your performance and transcend your goals within 20 min a day. 

The practice is available as a seven-day online curriculum on Mindvalley and is used by some of the world’s top performers, including athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs. 

With the proper amount of focus, this practice can change your life, even the first time you try it.

Who is behind 6-Phase Meditation?

The 6-Phase Meditation was created by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley. 

He is a  well-known speaker, author, businessperson, investor and activist. 

Vishen’s vision of transforming education and consciousness has led to Mindvalley. With his deep understanding of meditation and personal growth, Vishen brings a unique perspective to the 6-Phase Meditation program.

He wants to raise awareness of the value of spirituality and human consciousness. Millions of people have benefited from his programs, and he keeps using his position for the greater good. 

6 Phase Meditation: What is Included?

Let’s now have a look at the detailed overview of what is included in this program.

6 Phase Meditation course overview

Phase 1: Love and Compassion

In the first phase of the meditation, the practitioner begins by cultivating feelings of love and compassion. 

This involves directing positive emotions toward oneself, loved ones, acquaintances, and even towards those with whom the practitioner might have difficulties or conflicts. 

By acknowledging and nurturing love and compassion, individuals foster a deeper sense of connection and empathy towards others and themselves.

Phase 2: Happiness and Gratitude

During the second phase, the focus shifts towards happiness and gratitude. 

Participants are encouraged to reflect on the positive aspects of their lives and express sincere gratitude for them. 

Gratitude helps individuals acknowledge abundance, fosters a positive outlook, and enhances overall well-being. 

Phase 3: Peace and Forgiveness

In the third phase, the emphasis is on peace and forgiveness. 

Practitioners are encouraged to let go of any grudges or lingering negative emotions they may be holding onto. 

Forgiving others and, equally importantly, forgiving oneself promotes emotional healing and freedom. Cultivating inner peace allows individuals to release emotional burdens and find a sense of tranquility.

Phase 4: Vision for Your Future

Phase four involves visualizing one’s ideal future. 

Participants are prompted to create a clear and vivid mental picture of their desired life, encompassing various aspects such as career, relationships, health, and personal growth. 

By envisioning and affirming these goals regularly, individuals align their actions with their aspirations, increasing the likelihood of achieving their dreams.

Phase 5: Mastering your day

In this phase, practitioners focus on optimizing their daily activities and experiences. 

They are encouraged to set intentions for the day ahead, prioritize tasks effectively, and maintain mindfulness in their actions. 

This phase helps individuals remain focused, productive, and centered throughout the day, maximizing their potential and reducing distractions.

Phase 6: Support and Blessing

The final phase of the 6 Phase Meditation involves extending positive energy and support to others. 

Participants radiate their love and well-wishes to their friends, family, colleagues, and the world at large. 

This phase reinforces the interconnectedness of all beings and encourages a sense of collective positivity and unity.

6 Phase Meditation: Pricing

There are two ways that you can buy the 6 Phase Meditation Subscription.

Mindvalley Pricing Plan

Mindvalley provides you the two pricing options.

  • Yearly Access: This option costs $499/year and gives you unlimited access to the entire program.
  • Mindvalley Monthly Plan: This option costs $99/month and gives you access to all programs on the Mindvalley platform, including 6-Phase Meditation.
  • 7-day Free Trial: You can also try a free 7-day trial of 6-Phase Meditation before you buy.

Here is a table summarizing the pricing options for 6-Phase Meditation:

Yearly Access$499/year
Mindvalley Monthly Plan$99/month
7-day Free TrialFree

6 Phase Meditation: My Experience

Having tried meditation a few times in the past without much consistency, I was eager to give the 6-Phase Meditation program a serious go. 

At first, I was a bit skeptical about the price tag, but I quickly realized I was getting premium, personalized guidance that would have cost a fortune with one-on-one coaching.

Starting with the concentration-based practices in Phase 1 was the perfect introduction for a distraction-prone beginner like me. I loved returning to the 5-minute “anchor” meditation between longer sessions to ground me.

By Phase 3, I was amazed by the inner stillness and clarity I could access through the self-inquiry practices. Truly transformative! The community app kept me feeling supported and accountable when my motivation fluctuated.

After completing the full 6 phases over 7 months, meditation feels like second nature rather than a chore. I can tap into presence and perspective so much more easily amidst life’s chaos.

While the upfront investment was substantial, I got way more in return – a priceless lifelong skill that grounds me centers me, and connects me to myself every single day.

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Final Thoughts: 6 Phase Meditation Review

For dedicated self-improvers, Mindvalley’s 6-Phase Meditation delivers immense value. It provides a comprehensive roadmap for establishing a regular meditation practice. 

The phased progression, expert guidance, and supportive community equip learners with the skills and mindset to turn meditation into a lifelong daily habit. 

While the $99 price tag is fairly high, you get premium teachings and ongoing access that elevate your practice over time. 

For those committed to mastering meditation, 6-Phase Meditation is a worthwhile investment in yourself and your lifelong growth.

FAQs: 6 Phase Meditation Review 

How long does each meditation session take?

The duration of each meditation session can vary based on individual preferences. However, on average, each phase can take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete. The flexibility of the program allows participants to adjust the length of the sessions to fit their schedules.

Is the 6-Phase Meditation easy to follow for beginners?

Yes, the 6-Phase Meditation is designed to be accessible for beginners. The guided meditations and exercises are straightforward and easy to follow, making it a great starting point for those new to meditation.

What benefits can I expect from practicing the 6-Phase Meditation?

Practitioners of the 6-Phase Meditation have reported various benefits. This includes reduced stress and anxiety, improved relationships, heightened self-awareness, increased focus and productivity, and a more positive outlook on life.

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