10 Best Neville Goddard Books (Updated 2024)

When it comes to personal development and the power of the mind, Neville Goddard’s Books have left a positive impact on many people.

Neville’s books have and still inspire and empower people because of the in-depth understanding of the power of imagination and the principles of metaphysics.

I really love how Neville’s books are so concise and straightforward. His books are perfect for keen learners of manifestation because he gets straight to the point.

In this article, I have shared an overview of Neville Goddard’s best books, each offering valuable insights into his philosophy of success and manifestation.

Let’s quickly get into it.

10 Top Neville Goddard Books That You Must Read: In A Nutshell

Here is a quick overview of the 10 Neville Goddard books. 

Sr. NoNeville Goddard BooksKey Learning
1.Out of this WorldOur reality is created by our imagination.
2.The Feeling is the SecretThe feeling of having already achieved our desired outcome is the key to manifesting it.
3. At your CommandWe can use our imagination to create anything we desire in our lives.
4.Wakened ImaginationWe can experience our desires as real in the present moment through our imagination.
5. The Power of AwarenessWe are all God, and our imagination is our creative power.
6.The Law and the PromiseThe law of our imagination is that we reap what we sow.
7.Seedtime and HarvestOur thoughts and feelings are the seeds that we plant in the subconscious mind, and they will eventually manifest in our lives.
8.Your Faith is Your FortuneOur faith in our ability to manifest our desires is the key to success.
9.Freedom for All- A Practical Application of the BibleThe Bible is a story of our own journey to self-realization.
10.Prayer- The Art of BelievingPrayer is the act of imagining our desires as already fulfilled.

10 Best Books by Neville Goddard

Below I have stated a short brief about each of the best Neville Goddard Books.

1. Out of this World

Out of this World overview

The first book is “Out of This World,” which explores the concept of imagination and its role in shaping our reality. The book highlights the power of the human mind and its ability to create and manifest desires.

Neville shares a series of lectures and teachings, practical techniques and examples illustrating how the imagination can be harnessed to manifest our desires.

“Out of This World” will give you practical insights and techniques for harnessing the power of the imagination to manifest dreams and goals. It serves as a guide for individuals seeking to transform their lives and tap into the limitless potential of their minds.

2. The feeling is the Secret

The feeling is the Secret

“The Feeling is the Secret” book will tell you about the emotions and feelings in manifesting your desires. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating positive and harmonious emotions to create the life you want.

The book explains that your thoughts and beliefs are insufficient to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Neville Goddard highlights the significance of emotions in the manifestation process, stating that the feeling behind our thoughts truly creates our reality.

By understanding and mastering the art of feeling, you can tap into your creative power and consciously create the life you envision. The book guides you to harness the emotional aspect of manifestation and unlock their true potential. 

3. At Your Command

At Your Command overview

The next book is my personal favorite, “At Your Command,” which covers the concept of the human imagination and its ability to shape reality.

It is a complete guide to practical teachings and techniques to use the power of the mind to manifest desires.

You will understand how your outer world is a reflection of your inner state. You will learn to direct your imagination and create your desired life.

This book will teach you the concept of time and encourage you to live in the present moment. It serves as a reminder that individuals have the ability to consciously create their reality through the thoughts and feelings they choose to focus on. 

4. Awakened Imagination

Awakened Imagination overview

“Awakened Imagination”  will tell you the concept of mental imagery and its role in manifesting desires. 

It will teach you to create vivid, detailed mental pictures of their desired outcomes. Here you will learn to immerse yourself in the emotions and sensations associated with those imagined realities.

Neville Goddard explains that by persistently holding onto the imaginal scene and living in the state of the wish fulfilled, you can attract your desires and create a new reality.

5. The Power of Awareness 

This book explores the significance of consciousness and the transformative power of awareness in shaping our reality. It provides profound insights and practical teachings on the role of our inner state in creating our external experiences.

“The Power of Awareness” highlights the concept of living in the end result. As a reader,It will encourage you to imagine and assume feeling of desires already fulfilled. 

With practical examples and stories, this book will explain how  you can use conscious awareness to transform  lives.  

6. The Law and the Promise

The Law and the Promise overview

In this book, Neville Goddard shares real-life success stories and experiences of individuals who have applied his teachings and principles to manifest their desires. 

It presents practical examples and insights to demonstrate the power of the “law of assumption.”

Moreover, Neville highlights the importance of persistently holding onto the desired state, despite apparent obstacles or challenges. He emphasizes that the power lies within individuals to change their circumstances through their mental and emotional states.

7. Seedtime and Harvest 

Seedtime and Harvest overview

Seedtime and Harvest” explores the fundamental principle of cause and effect and its application in manifesting desires. 

In this book, Neville Goddard emphasizes that every thought, belief, and emotion you have is like a seed thats planted in the garden of your minds. 

He teaches that by consciously selecting and nurturing positive thoughts and beliefs, you can sow the seeds of your desired experiences.

Through the concept of “mental diets,” the book emphasizes the significance of consistently feeding your minds with positive and empowering thoughts. This helps in avoiding negative influences that can hinder our progress.

8. Your Faith Is Your Fortune 

Your Faith Is Your Fortune overview

“Your Faith Is Your Fortune” is based on the transformative power of faith and its role in shaping your reality. It offers insights on how to utilize faith to manifest your desires.

The book covers the idea that your external circumstances are a reflection of your internal beliefs and assumptions. Neville Goddard encourages you to examine your beliefs and consciously choose to empower ones that align with your desires.

The book explains that faith bridges the invisible realm of imagination and the visible realm of manifestation. 

9. Freedom for All—A Practical Application of the Bible

Freedom for All—A Practical Application of the Bible

“Freedom for All—A Practical Application of the Bible” explores the teachings of the Bible and  how you can apply biblical principles in real life. It provides insights and techniques for using biblical principles to attain personal freedom and transformation.

You will examine biblical passages and stories, offering a unique interpretation that goes beyond traditional religious interpretations. 

“Freedom for All” highlights the concept that the Bible is not a literal historical account but a powerful allegory. It reveals truths about the human mind and its creative abilities. 

Through this book, you will understand the stories and teachings in the Bible are symbolic representations of the workings of our own consciousness.

10. Prayer—The Art of Believing

Prayer—The Art of Believing overview

In this book, Neville Goddard points out that prayer is not a mere act of asking or supplication but a powerful tool for transforming your life. 

He teaches that true prayer is based on the art of believing, where you align your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with the desired outcome. If you’re a avid reader and a writer tools like Grammarly helps to make your writing error free. What’s more even for Novel writers and deep thinkers it helps to enhance the writing part, try Grammarly at discounted price.

The book provides practical techniques and examples to illustrate the art of believing in the context of prayer. Author shares insights on cultivating a strong belief, overcome doubt and uncertainty, and persistently hold onto the desired state until it becomes a reality.

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Conclusion: Best Neville Goddard Books

So that’s all I have got for you of best Neville Goddard books. 

Through his teachings, he has touched the lives of countless individuals, guiding them toward a deeper understanding of their creative potential.

Neville Goddard’s philosophy will  inspire and empower you to embrace the power of your own imagination. Hence it will help you to manifest and create a life filled with abundance, joy, and fulfilment. 

If you are interested in learning more about Neville Goddard’s teachings, I recommend starting with his book Feeling Is the Secret. This short and easy-to-read book covers the basics of his philosophy. Once you have read the book, you can explore his other works.

I hope this article has given you a brief overview of Neville Goddard’s books.

What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know through the comments section below.

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