11 Best Mindvalley Podcast Of 2024 (Handpicked)

Are you looking for a podcast that can help you grow and improve in all areas of your life?

Look no further than the Mindvalley podcast! With a variety of topics covering health, career, relationships, psychology, spirituality, and more, there is something for everyone.

Hosted by Vishen Lakhiani, the Mindvalley podcast brings together some of the best minds in personal development to share their wisdom and insights.

You will find here whether you seek practical advice or the ultimate spiritual perspective. So why not tune in and unlock the brilliance within?

So, let’s dive in and explore the best Mindvalley podcasts of 2024.

Best Mindvalley Podcast 2024: Overview

Before we go into the details, here is a quick overview of the best Mindvalley podcasts that you can check out.

The Mindvalley Show with VishenSuper Humans At Work
Rising Through Grief: Uncovering Hope And Resilience In The Midst Of LossThe Empathetic Sales Approach: Winning Hearts And Minds
Reduce Anxiety Instantly With These Easy TechniquesThe Ultimate Test For Your Sales Process
The Mindset Of World Changers Supercharge Your Sales With AI: ChatGPT
How To Think Like Google-Tom ChiMake Your Passion Profitable
Everything Is FigureoutableAmplifying Your Personality For Public Speaking 
Mindvalley Podcast

The Mindvalley Show with Vishen

The Mindvalley Show with Vishen is a weekly podcast hosted by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley. 

The show features interviews with some of the world’s leading experts in personal growth, business, health, spirituality, and relationships. 

Topics covered on the show range from productivity and goal-setting to meditation and mindfulness to anti-aging.

1. Rising Through Grief: Uncovering Hope And Resilience In The Midst Of Loss

Neeta Bhushan hosts this podcast and offers solace and guidance to those grappling with grief and loss. 

Rising Through Grief

Neeta shares her own journey of rising above grief and interviews others who have found hope and resilience amidst challenging circumstances. The episodes, averaging 25 minutes, offer valuable insights into healing and finding strength during difficult times.

2. Reduce Anxiety Instantly With These Easy Techniques

This Mindvalley podcast episode interviews Gretchen Rubin, a #1 New York Times bestselling author and expert on habits and happiness.

In this episode, Gretchen shares her top tips for reducing anxiety quickly and easily.

Reduce Anxiety Instantly With These Easy Techniques

Gretchen explains that anxiety is normal, but it can become overwhelming if it is not managed. She then shares three simple techniques that can help you to reduce anxiety instantly:

  1. Breathe Deeply
  2. Name your anxiety
  3. Do something physical

3. The Mindset Of World Changers 

The Mindset Of World Changers features Peter Diamandis, who shares his infamous commandments simply called ‘Peter’s Laws.’ 

This podcast emphasizes the power of visionary thinking and aligning one’s actions with a higher purpose. You will gain insights into how these world-changers identified their life’s purpose, fostered a strong vision, and took actionable steps to turn their dreams into reality.

The Mindset Of World Changers 

Peter begins by explaining that he has identified 10 essential laws for world changers. Peter’s Laws are a powerful set of principles that can help you to become a world changer. 

If you follow these laws, you can innovate, disrupt, and create meaningful work that will positively impact the world.

4. How To Think Like Google-Tom Chi

In this podcast, Tom Chi, the co-founder of Google X and the creator of Google Glass, shares his insights on how to think like Google. He discusses the company’s unique approach to problem-solving, innovation, and learning.

How To Think Like Google-Tom Chi

Chi begins by explaining that Google’s approach to problem-solving is based on the idea of “first principles.” He also discusses Google’s approach to innovation. He explains that Google is not afraid to fail and that it actually encourages employees to experiment and take risks. 

5. Everything Is Figureoutable

In this podcast, Marie Forleo, a New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur, shares her insights on the power of believing that anything is possible. She discusses overcoming self-doubt, taking action, and achieving your goals.

Everything Is Figureoutable

Forleo then discusses the importance of taking action. She explains that it’s not enough to just dream about your goals; you must take action to make them happen. 

She also shares tips on overcoming procrastination and taking action toward your goals.

Super Humans At Work

Jason Campbell hosts the Super Humans At Work podcast and features interviews with some of the world’s leading experts on high performance at work. 

In each episode, Jason talks to guests about their insights on achieving peak performance in the workplace.

Let’s have a look at some of the best podcasts of Super Humans at work.

6. The Empathetic Sales Approach: Winning Hearts And Minds

In this podcast, host Jason Marc Campbell is joined by sales expert Danny Carlson to discuss the critical components of a high-performing sales team. They discuss the importance of empathy, building relationships, and understanding your customers’ needs.

The Empathetic Sales Approach- Winning Hearts And Minds

It talks about the importance of building relationships in sales. He says that the best way to build relationships is to be helpful and add value to the customer’s life. He also says that it’s important to be consistent and follow up with the customer after the sale.

7. The Ultimate Test For Your Sales Process

Hosted by Jason Marc Campbell, a seasoned sales expert, this podcast delves into the essential aspects of the sales process. It offers valuable insights, practical tips, and real-world examples to help listeners refine and optimize their sales strategies for maximum effectiveness.

The Ultimate Test For Your Sales Process

The Ultimate Test For Your Sales Process promises to be a valuable resource in elevating your sales performance and propelling your career to new heights.

8. Supercharge Your Sales With AI: ChatGPT

Supercharge Your Sales With AI: ChatGPT is an enlightening and cutting-edge podcast hosted on the Mindvalley platform. The podcast is dedicated to exploring the revolutionary impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the field of sales. 

Supercharge Your Sales

This podcast delves into ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, and how it can be leveraged to enhance customer engagement, optimize sales processes, and drive exceptional sales performance.

9. Make Your Passion Profitable

Hosted by the dynamic Rha Goddess, this podcast dives into entrepreneurship and provides valuable insights and practical strategies. Her motivational guidance helps listeners monetize their passions and turn them into successful and fulfilling businesses.

Make Your Passion Profitable

Through the fusion of creativity, purpose, and business acumen, you will gain the tools and inspiration to create thriving businesses that align with their true selves.

10. Amplifying Your Personality For Public Speaking 

Amplifying Your Personality For Public Speaking is an empowering and transformative podcast on the Mindvalley platform. 

It is dedicated to helping individuals enhance their public speaking skills and confidently express their authentic selves. 

This Harriet Bratt podcast teaches public speaking skills with advice, tips, and inspiration to enhance personal style and become more persuasive speakers.

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Final Verdict

Mindvalley offers a variety of podcasts that can help you achieve your personal growth goals. 

Whether you want to reduce anxiety, cultivate a growth mindset, or positively impact the world, there’s a Mindvalley podcast. 

These podcasts bring together some of the best minds in personal growth to discuss powerful ideas for changing your life and the world. 

So, choose the podcast that resonates with you and start your personal growth journey today.

If you have any thoughts to share, do let us know by commenting right below in the comment section.


What is Mindvalley, and what are its podcasts?

 Mindvalley is a global personal development company that offers online courses, programs, and events to help individuals unleash their full potential and lead extraordinary lives. The company hosts several podcasts, including “The Mindvalley Podcast,” “Superhumans at Work,” and “Mindvalley Masterclass.”

What can I expect from “The Mindvalley Podcast”?

“The Mindvalley Podcast” features interviews and discussions with leading experts in fields like personal growth, well-being, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Listeners can gain valuable insights, practical tools, and inspirational stories to apply in their daily lives.

What topics are covered in the “Superhumans at Work” podcast?

“Superhumans at Work” focuses on topics related to professional growth and success. The podcast delves into strategies for improving productivity, enhancing leadership skills, creating a positive work culture, and achieving work-life balance.

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