Welcome to Goleman EI

Welcome to Goleman EI

October 10, 2019 | General, News, Press Release

For Immediate Release

MASSACHUSETTS, Oct. 10, 2019— 

Goleman EI, an Emotional Intelligence (EI) coaching and training organization, announced its launch Thursday. While Goleman EI is a new entity, the organization offers a suite of 1:1 coaching, online courses, and certification programs built on decades of research. This latest initiative is co-developed by the authority on Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman, and is designed by a team of EI experts led by Goleman EI CEO, Michele Nevarez.

Goleman EI is grounded in its mission to democratize Emotional Intelligence, translating the concepts of EI into a practical format accessible to all. In that endeavor, their offerings range in their depth, time-commitment, and price point, and include scalable solutions. With Goleman EI’s research-based tools, individuals and organizations can empower lasting, positive change and cultivate their well-being.

By developing the Foundational Skills of Emotional Intelligence (which include self-awareness, focus, emotional balance, and empathy) we can ignite our personal agency. These efforts, coupled with coaching, provide the best vehicle for personal transformation and effective development of EI.

In her experience working with highly-driven executives and professionals, Michele noticed the tendency of most coaching and training programs to approach learning purely from a conceptual framework and much less from an applied or experiential standpoint. This resulted in their inability to bring about meaningful habit change. She also saw that despite the increasing recognition of the value of EI in the workplace, individuals and organizations’ ability to execute upon it in measurable and meaningful ways was substantively lagging. She made it her mission from then on to create a suite of EI offerings that allow people to do just that—develop the EI skills that bring about the best in themselves and the world.

In 2015, Daniel, Michele, and Hanuman Goleman connected over their shared passion for accessible EI development. For the past two years, the publishing company Key Step Media (KSM), founded by Hanuman, has served as an incubator for these programs, fostering their development and initial launch. These included two cohorts of the Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (EICC), a series of online EI courses, and customized enterprise offerings.

Due to their resounding success and the clear demand for these programs, Daniel Goleman, Hanuman Goleman, and Michele Nevarez are launching Goleman EI to democratize EI and bring these powerful concepts into people’s lives.

Meet the Leadership Team

To make Goleman EI a reality, Daniel Goleman has collaborated with a talented leadership team, all of whom believe that EI is the foundation of a better world. We welcome you to get to know them and learn more about what makes this team unique.

Michele Nevarez, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Education Officer

Michele brings decades of experience as an HR Executive and Executive Coach, leading world-class teams in management consulting, investment management, healthcare, manufacturing, and investigative services.

For the past three years as the Head of the Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Training Programs and a contributing author for Key Step Media, Michele has led the effort to design the suite of Goleman EI offerings. Her Emotional Intelligence and organizational leadership expertise has been sought out by world-renowned organizations for key events such as the United Nations’ Unlocking Your Emotions to Achieve the SDGs, The Conference Board’s Coaching Roundtable, ATD’s LearnNow Series, and Digital Intelligence Day sponsored by The World Economic Forum. In 2019, she added to EI thought leadership in her chapter “Listening & Assessing” featured in ATD’s leadership book Focus on Them: Become the Manager Your People Need You to Be, the HBR article, “Boost Your Emotional Intelligence with These 3 Questions,” co-authored with Dr. Goleman, and “Tired of Counting Breaths? Try Open Awareness.”

Ann Flanagan Petry, Chief Product Officer

Ann is a co-developer of program content, oversees the online courses, 28-day app, and ICF curriculum design for Goleman EI. Her interest in EI evolved from working side by side with people who were managing trauma. She discovered that the skills of mindfulness and EI were critical for recognizing and managing the emotions that arise while caring for people who are seriously ill and dying.

Ann is a contributing author for the award-winning book, Relationship-Based Cultures. She finds meaning and purpose in helping others discover their innate ability to manage difficult emotions more effectively and to become happier personally and professionally.

Sharon Fried, Chief Operating Officer

Sharon has over 20 years of management consulting experience with a focus on business strategy and operations. She has worked at the Board and C-Suite levels in international efforts to promote cross company agendas, deliver long-term business results, and meet organizational goals with a unique blend of management consulting, executive entrepreneurship, and people-and-organizational development.

Sharon has a passion for Operations and Organizational Development. She excels at leading and coaching people through new or changing business realities in order to exceed expectations and meet organizational goals. Sharon has an MBA from INSEAD, is a Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach certification candidate, and is a member of the Academy for Neuroscience Education Management (AFNB). She lives internationally with dual citizenship in the United States, Austria, and Israel.

Dr. Matthew Lippincott, Chief  Solutions Officer

Matthew is a co-developer of content for the suite of Goleman EI coaching and training programs. He is also the Research & Business Solutions development lead at Goleman EI, and is one of the original faculty members for the EI Coaching Certification Program. Matthew completed his Doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania, where his award-winning research investigated the relationship between leadership effectiveness, EI, and mindfulness.

He is peer review and Harvard Business Review published, and has co-authored 4 EI reference books. Matthew has presented his research for Bank of America, University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania, and ATD, and is a leadership and EI keynote speaker, workshop leader, and training product developer. 

Gérard Francois, Chief Revenue Officer

Gérard is a senior sales leader, serving most recently as GM K&R Negotiations EMEA. He spent more than three decades at IBM where he held multiple senior executive positions including Vice President of IBM software enterprise sales for Southwest Europe, Vice President of EMEA software operations, Vice President of software for IBM Latin America, and Vice President of IBM Americas software technical sales.

Gérard’s experience spans several continents and cultures, where he has developed a superb track record in leading, managing, and motivating sales teams and successfully engineering and negotiating large, complex deals. His operational expertise includes pipeline management, workforce productivity, market segmentation, and coverage deployment. A cultivator of people, leaders, and relationships, Gerard brings his negotiations, sales, and technology expertise to bear on all client challenges, delivering creative solutions to deals that drive real business results. He is energized by the opportunity to build GEI into a high performing organization that has a lasting positive impact in the world.

“This executive team has played a critical role in developing a successful pilot program for the EI Coaching and Training Programs,” said Michele Navarez, Goleman EI CEO, “I have the utmost confidence that this group will build on its strong track record of success to position Goleman EI for growth in the coming years and further the important work that Daniel Goleman began 25 years ago to transform the world by making Emotional Intelligence accessible to everyone.”


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