From the Latest Research in Neuroscience…

You’ll learn how your brain makes sense of your moment-to-moment experience.  

How your perception of the world has been shaped by your influences and life experiences up to this point.  

And, in turn, how your perception, shapes and predisposes your future experiences, including your emotions and interpretation of what unfolds each new moment. 

You’ll learn how to transform your actions from being inadvertently and unconsciously driven by your environment and the beliefs and mental models you’ve come to rely upon to make sense of what happens to you in your life. Learn how to take back the reins of your own experience! 

When you understand how your brain makes sense of its own perceptions, you learn where in that equation you can act in alignment with your values.  

You’ll practice specific techniques and methods to shift your perspective in the moment, to recategorize your emotions, and to reframe your meaning to align with your life’s purpose and aims.   

Embodying your own Emotional Intelligence is an opportunity to turn your attention inward, to evaluate all aspects of your own life, starting with what motivates you to do what you do. 

The program is designed to help you find a healthy momentum that is self-sustaining and generative, prioritizing and acting on what matters to you most.  

What Makes Our Approach Unique?

Our coaching and learning approach is based on the best of what is understood about how to bring about meaningful and lasting habit change.  

The program design factors in what it takes to embody the concepts and evidence-based practices of Emotional Intelligence. You practice what you learn while you’re learning about it, combining your intellectual with your procedural knowledge.  

The online component of our application-based training takes between 10 and 20 minutes of your time each day for 6 weeks.  Each day you’ll access our online learning platform where: 

Learn. You’ll either watch a brief video or read a brief article about Emotional Intelligence.   

Apply. You’ll receive an immediate assignment to apply what you’ve just learned to get a feel for what it means to embody the skills you’re learning. 

Reflect. You’ll have a chance to develop both a working knowledge and experiential understanding of EI through daily introspection and journaling.  

This unique combination of study, reflection, and application helps you see where exactly your habits of mind may be keeping you stuck. 

Get Coached! Your Future Self Will Thank You

Many coaching programs rely upon on “accountability” or “deficit” based models. That’s not what we do. 

We are focused on how your thinking and mindset impact your outcomes and results.  

You may have a goal and that’s great, but your goal may be clouded. You may not even know what is possible.  

But when you start to think differently, your actions will naturally follow, and it’s much easier for you to reach your goals.   

Ignite Your Inner Coach!

Our stance is that you have the intelligence, the wherewithal, and drive to bring about any change in your life you’d like to have happen. 

We also believe something may be stopping you from executing fully against your desired outcomes. 

That’s why we focus on your habits of mind (e.g., thinking, beliefs, and mindset). We help you identify and transform self-limiting beliefs.  

Once you learn how to work with your own emotions using the framework of Emotional Intelligence, the results are powerful and what follows is lasting, impactful behavioral change. 

Journal-Based Coaching Approach

Ultimately, our job as a coach is to help you learn to remove obstacles and barriers for yourself. That is a key differentiator in our approach. 

The client receives weekly journal prompts on the 12 Self-Discoveries allowing them to go beneath the surface to understand their habits of mind, where they may be stuck, and how to get unstuck. 

Journaling provides an opportunity for self-reflection and introspection. It allows you to reconnect with your higher purpose and values and ensure you are living in alignment with what’s important to you.  

For the coach, your journals provide critical data about your habits of mind that may be holding you back.  The journals are a vehicle to spot themes and patterns that may not be serving you well along with strategies to help you move forward. 

Program Details

We invest in many temporary and fleeting things. Why not make a lasting investment in yourself? Ultimately, you have to live in your own mind, why not make it a better place?  

Using our unique coaching and training methodology, you’ll be guided by your personal EI Coach in a 6-Week Embodied EI program: 


  • Online EI training to build your Emotional Intelligence, with access to the course content for 1 year​.
  • Six (6), weekly one-on-one Coaching Sessions (60 minutes each) with your personal EI Coach, who will also review and respond daily to your journal entries and reflections​. 
  • You’ll complete an EI and MindBody Wellbeing assessment which your coach will debrief with you.  It is a great way to see where your EI presently stands, what’s working, and what you may need to prioritize or shift. 

Three (3) remote live training sessions, 90-minutes each: 


  • Seminar No.1: Live webinar, led by S. Michele Nevarez, Co-Founder and CEO of Goleman EI, and author of upcoming book: Emotionally Intelligent Habits: A Guide to Accessing Your Full Potential​. The Neuroscience of Emotion & What You Have Influence Over​.
  • Seminar No. 2: Practice reframing your meaning: Perceptual Reframing, Recategorization of Sensation and Emotion, and Cognitive Reframing using the 12 Self-Discoveries. 
  • Seminar No. 3: Integrate what you’ve learned in the program. Using the MindBody Map discover where you may be out of alignment with your overall wellbeing and how your beliefs, mental models, and mindset are impacting your outcomes. 

Program Dates: September 27, 2021, through November 5, 2021 

Receive the above offerings for $2,990, a value of $4,235 when totaled separately.  

Enroll before midnight EST on July 25th and receive and receive an additional 9% discount off the already discounted program price and pay $2,721, saving you an additional $269. 

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