Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (EICC): A Closer Look

Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (EICC): A Closer Look

February 8, 2019 | Coaching Certification, FAQ

Goleman EI Methodology

The Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification Program (EICC) uses a unique, scientifically-supported framework to strengthen the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of coaches and their clients. The program draws upon evidence-based behavioral change theory, positive psychology, unconscious bias, mindfulness and compassion training, and neuroscience. Students receive in-person and practice-based training in these concepts, as well as in the 12 Emotional Intelligence competencies developed by Dr. Daniel Goleman. 

After you are certified, your clients will benefit from:

  • a clear path to develop their self-agency and inner coach.
  • increased capacity for self-awareness, focus, and empathy.
  • the ability to find and sustain emotional balance in times of stress.
  • stronger and more effective relationships.
  • improved engagement, well-being, and performance. 
  • a functional understanding of how to apply Emotional Intelligence in everyday situations.
  • the capacity to embrace complexity and navigate interdependencies. 
  • the ability to create and thrive in transparent, feedback-rich environments.
  • the ability to operate with a clear vision of the greater good—beyond individual or organizational goals.

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EI Coaching Philosophy

We see the role of a coach as that of an advocate and a catalyst for the client’s positive transformation. This helps clients to:

  • discern what they do and do not have control over. 
  • find their personal agency and influence.
  • see the best in themselves, in others, and in situations.
  • realize the impact their habits of mind have on their outlook and results.
  • discover/rediscover their purpose and values.
  • understand how they get stuck in their own mental models and how to spot and break unproductive patterns.
  • find and channel their inner coach long after formal coaching is complete.

The Goleman EI team believes that a great coach provides the following for their clients:

  • Brings a point of view
  • Confirms hunches
  • Is okay being wrong
  • Is kind, calm, and clear
  • Is direct and respectful
  • Creates personal safety
  • Keeps confidentiality
  • Is fluid and adaptable, not prescribed or mechanical
  • Has impeccable listening skills
  • Applies the mindset and practices they advocate
  • Is able to see patterns in a client’s perceptions and behaviors and brings them to the client’s attention in a thoughtful, nonjudgmental manner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes the EICC learning journey?

The coaching certification process includes immersion in the Goleman EI coaching methodology. This enables you to develop your own Emotional Intelligence before you are taught how to coach using the same framework. The complete process is designed as a transformational learning journey built on the following steps:

Learn. Each day, you will have access to our online learning platform where you will watch a brief video or read a brief article about Emotional Intelligence. 

Practice. You will experiment with and learn how to use EI concepts in the real world through practical activities.

Reflect & Journal. By reflecting and journaling about what you’ve learned, you integrate your new knowledge of EI in a meaningful way that is based on an understanding of your experiences. 

Students in the EICC program are coached by “Meta-Coaches” — a group of highly-experienced subject matter experts who will guide and support you through this learning journey. Your learning journey also includes:

  • a unique focus on the Foundational & Relationship Skills of EI. 
  • a combination of cognitive + behavioral techniques.
  • practical coaching tools and methodologies.
  • validated assessments co-designed by Dr. Goleman and Dr. Boyatzis.

What is the structure of the program?

The Coaching Certification program lasts approximately ten months. The length of the practicum (supervised coaching of clients) may take between 12 and 24 weeks, on average and determines exactly how quickly the program is completed. For the first half of the program, students have bi-weekly calls with their Meta-Coach. During the second half of the program, students are partnered with another student from their cohort with whom they alternate coaching and being coached, which is also overseen by a Meta-Coach. The program concludes with students coaching practicum clients followed by a final exam. 

For the entirety of the program, students have access to an experiential, online learning journey that helps build the behaviors needed for habit change and the development of EI.

  • Pre-work & Assessments (4 Weeks)
  • Residency 1 (2 Days)
  • Foundational Skills & Getting Coached (12 Weeks)
  • Residency 2 (6 Days)
  • Relationship Skills & Peer-to-Peer Coaching (12 Weeks)
  • Practicum (12-24 Weeks)
  • Certification Exam

What is meant by coaching certification?

Individuals who undertake the EICC program will be trained in a specific coaching framework, philosophy, and methodology geared toward helping clients develop Emotional Intelligence. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will become certified coaches in the Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching model. This gives them the credentials and training to work with their own client base at the enterprise or individual level and with clients we refer to our certified graduates. To receive the EICC coaching certification, the following is required:

  • Application of Emotional Intelligence and reflective practices within your own experience and practice as a coach.
  • Successful completion of all training requirements listed in the program structure above, including full participation in both residencies and completion of the practicum and final exam.
  • Commitment to an ongoing contemplative or meditation practice.

How will I be able to use my certification?

Graduates work with clients at the individual, team, or organizational level to develop their self-awareness, focus, emotional balance, and empathy for greater personal and global impact using the suite of Goleman EI coaching and training offerings. 

Upon successful graduation from the EICC program, an individual will receive the designation of Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach and may apply to work directly under the Goleman EI brand as a Goleman EI Associate, providing EI enterprise solutions to organizations, or as a Goleman EI Coach, providing EI coaching to individuals. 

With these designations, graduates work exclusively with the Goleman EI methodology and tools, (the online EI training and journal-based coaching model in the format in which they have been trained and certified). Goleman EI Associates and Goleman EI Coaches have the opportunity to gain access to existing and prospective clients. Goleman EI Associates can be paid for new client acquisition and delivery of business solutions. 

Graduates will be able to access the Goleman EI evidence-based methods, tools, and practices (on a retail basis), and can integrate these into their own methodology and existing client base as they see fit; however, they will not be able to utilize the Goleman EI brand, unless operating as a Goleman EI Coach or Goleman EI Associate. The designation of Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach (EICC) signals to clients that while these individuals have graduated from the EICC, they are not necessarily following the methodology as it has been trained and designed.

Can those with a native language other than English enroll in EICC?

Non-native speakers of English are welcome to enroll in the program. Please note that all training and coaching are conducted in English. Non-native English speakers, when possible, will be paired with a Meta-Coach who has fluency in the participant’s primary or secondary language. However, since this is not guaranteed, please factor this into your decision to attend the program. 

Is this program an International Coach Federation accredited program? 

Goleman EI is pursuing Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) accreditation for the EICC program through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Accreditation is a rigorous process and GEI hopes to be successful but cannot guarantee approval. The earliest time frame for ICF ACSTH accreditation of this program would be the spring of 2020. 

Graduates from an ACSTH program may apply for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential or the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential using the ACSTH application path if they meet the credentialing application requirements, according to ICF. 

EICC graduates who finish the program prior to GEI’s formal ICF accreditation may be eligible to be grandfathered in and thus receive ACSTH credits for their training. 

At what point in the training program can I begin coaching clients in the Goleman EI methodology?

After you have successfully completed the coursework portion of the program, which includes practice coaching with another participant, you will coach two clients as part of the practicum. You will be able to coach additional clients after you successfully complete the certification program.  

Is a graduate degree necessary to be considered for the program?

You can become certified without a graduate degree. Typically coaches with a graduate degree in a relevant field (e.g. psychology, organizational behavior, or education) are evaluated for a common set of prerequisites required for them to be successful in the program. When an applicant does not have a graduate degree in a relevant field, we will look for personal and professional experience that provides a similar depth of skill and understanding.  

Are there any prerequisites?

No, however, we are selective with regard to whom we accept into the program. The intent of each cohort is to select participants whose experience will add to the overall group dynamic of the cohort.

How long does it take to become fully certified?

Approximately 10-12 months. The EICC curriculum includes 7 months of standard curriculum programming followed by two practicum engagements, which may take between 12 and 24 weeks, on average.  Please see “What is the structure of the program?” above, which outlines the key elements of the program and the length of time it takes to complete each step. 

When will I know if I have been accepted?

We will accept and review applications on a rolling basis until the program is full. Cohorts are capped at 50 participants, and we will create a waiting list once this limit is met. We may reach out to you to schedule an interview if further dialogue regarding your application is needed. 

Upon formal acceptance into the program, you will receive a welcome email with a registration link to submit your deposit and enroll. 

Please note that your application acceptance is valid for this calendar year. Following that point, we would ask you to reapply to the Goleman EICC.

Where will the residencies be held?

Our Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification Programs for 2020 are currently being adjusted in response to ongoing travel restrictions. The primary change we anticipate at this time will be the replacement of in-person residencies, with virtual residencies.

If you are interested in learning more about 2020 and 2021 Coaching Certification programs, click here.

What is the time commitment needed to complete the program? Can I work at the same time as completing the program?

  • While the program is designed for working professionals, the EICC program is on par with graduate and professional-level studies and represents a substantial commitment of time and effort. This includes the time dedicated to the training itself, being coached by a Meta-Coach, and applying the practices and coaching techniques as you learn them.
  • There are 24 weeks of online training which consist of daily content designed to take between 20 and 30 minutes a day to complete, 5-6 days per week. We realize people are busy, which is why we have designed the program to be accessible and doable. (Note: There will numerous optional articles, practices, and videos that participants can access in addition to the required content.)
  • There is a daily journal requirement for the duration of the 24 weeks of the curriculum portion of the program. You should set aside 5-10 minutes a day for this purpose.
  • Being coached by a Meta-Coach will require a time commitment of about 1 hour every other week for the first 12 weeks of the program.
  • Coaching, being coached, and reading the journals of a fellow student in your cohort will require approximately 1 hour of coaching every week and 1 hour to read and respond to their journal entries during the second 12 weeks of the program.  
  • Keep in mind, there is a significant applied (i.e. practice) component, which takes the form of daily application of concepts, self-reflection, and introspection (the insights of which program participants are encouraged to capture via their daily reflections). These elements are key to changing behavior and implementing the practices you are learning.
  • Overall, the weekly commitment, including online and coaching elements, is approximately 3 to 4 hours per week depending upon your personal reflection and journaling practice. This does not include the time it will take to practice or apply the various practices and concepts you are learning as part of the program. Since the application of the practices and concepts is done in conjunction with activities that you would be doing anyway, shifting your perspective or approach while doing your daily activities doesn’t add to the time it takes to carry these out. The only risk is that you just might be more skillful when doing them.

Can I take the online portion of the training and forgo the certification process?

You would not receive a coaching certification if you only completed the online portion of the training. Instead, you would receive a certificate of completion for the online training itself, which would not qualify you to coach others using the EICC approach. Learn more about our online training programs here.

Will Daniel Goleman facilitate the residency sessions?

While the coaching certification program has been designed and developed by Daniel Goleman and his team of coaches and subject matter experts at Goleman EI, he will not facilitate the program. 

What if I already have a coaching certification — will this methodology be suitable for integration with other forms of coaching?

Yes, the value of an EI coaching certification is that you can integrate it with other certifications and/or your own coaching approach.  The practices you will learn are infinitely applicable in any setting, professional and personal. See “How will I be able to use my coaching certification?” above for more details.

I would rather be coached than go through the coaching certification (EICC) program at this time. Who should I talk to?

Please fill out our Interest in Being Coached in Emotional Intelligence form to receive updates on opportunities to be coached in the Goleman Emotional Intelligence methodology.

Can coach certification training be offered within a business or enterprise?   

Yes. We are always working with business partners to develop their internal coaching capacity. Individuals who successfully complete the coaching certification program can coach individuals within their own organization using the Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching model or they may integrate aspects of what they have learned into their company’s existing coaching paradigm. There are separate and distinct designations, however, to indicate the specific approach that is being used (see “How will I be able to use my coaching certification?” above). For more detail on how an organization might seed this coaching program and approach within their existing business or leadership development strategy, please contact Matt Lippincott: matt@golemanei.com.




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