Matthew Lippincott

Effectively managed conflict can become an opportunity to surface potentially significant problems, strengthen relationships, and boost engagement. Matthew Lippincott

Matthew Lippincott

Dr. Matthew Lippincott is the Chief Solutions Officer for Goleman EI. He completed his Doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania, where his award-winning research investigated the relationship between leadership effectiveness, EI, and mindfulness. Dr. Lippincott is peer reviewed and Harvard Business Review published, has co-authored 4 EI reference books, and has written 20 articles highlighted by Daniel Goleman. Matthew has provided leadership and EI training and services for Bank of America, Google, Gilead SciencesGoHealthKBC GroupHindustan PetroleumNPS, University of Virginia and University of Pennsylvania. He is also a  keynote speaker and online training product developer.

Dr. Lippincott has previously held leadership roles at two global software companies, SAS Institute and i2 Technologies (now jda), where he managed operations and teams in North America and Europe. He has also raised capital, transformed business models, and held leadership positions with smaller organizations. Matthew has previously worked as an outdoor guide, and has been a Junior Olympic competitor in Tae Kwon Do. He volunteers as an instructor for children and adults in Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga.

More detail about Matthew’s articles, professional history, and background are available on his Linkedin page.

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